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About Venrai

Venrai is a digital asset compliance and technology solutions company, offering a wealth of expertise to those operating in the blockchain space.

By way of improving the security and reliability of digital assets, we contribute to the ever-improving perception of blockchain technologies.

Venrai features on the blockchain security expert list maintained by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and offers the following services:

  • Digital asset compliance advisory
  • Smart contract development
  • Digital asset gambling integrations
  • Smart contract security audits
  • Blockchain workshops

Why Venrai?

Venrai takes a unique approach to building smart contracts; we utilise a combination of automated audit techniques alongside line-by-line code reviews performed by blockchain professionals with extensive smart contract development experience, prior to blockchain deployment of smart contracts.

Our developers have a hybrid skill set that allows them to perform thorough security reviews of blockchain projects with consistent and insightful results, providing comfort that smart contracts will work as intended.

In short we build smart contracts you can rely on.

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